Happiness is…

A noun. Defined as “a state of well-being characterized by  emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.”

 Each of us defines happiness in ways different from one another. Sometimes we see happiness in material things we acquire. Gadgets. A handsome car that makes our colleagues drool with envy. A nice, nice spotless home. A very fat bank account. The list is never-ending.

 Of course, it is to be expected that I will write about intangible things… those little, simple stuff that are making my plain, average world blissful. And in random, these are  those that pops up simultaneously in my brain…

 The chirping of the birds in the early morning. According to what I read, this is what scientists call “the dawn chorus”. Birds singing their teeny-weeny hearts out. They say it’s those birds’gestures to attract a mate. Cute. Every morning, their singing wakes me up. And every morning, I find time to listen to them while saying a thank you prayer that I am alive and ready to discover life again.

 The family bonding that is watching TV together or eating pizza or barbecue. And by family, I mean the whole that you can find in the family tree. Imagine the noise we do! And cousins’ mockery is downright annoying. Maybe because we  super have known each since birth that we can tease each other to death. Hahaha!  Irritating, but then at the end of the day, the comfort of knowing that we have each others back displaces the sarcastic bantering we had. 

Coffee. Ok, caffeine addict. Guilty. I love caffè latte. This drink that contains espresso,milk and foam can be likened to what we should arm ourselves with in our everyday journey- one-third hope, two-thirds compassion and humor as the foam.

 Friends. Those authentic, dependable friends. I’ve friends that I see over a bottle or two of beer. We talked insane and serious matters all at the same time. And according to Mr. Tom Marioni, drinking beer with friends is the highest form of art. Thumbs up to that!  And there are those I see in a coffee shop. Talking and sipping away life’s big and minor glitches.

 Being quiet. Communing with my inner self. Conversing with the big guy up there. All these calms me, soothes me, relaxes me. And taught me modest joy.

 Lastly, according to my brain, happiness is a day or a month at the beach. The saltines of the air, the rolling of the waves, the powdery of the sand.. It all gives out that consoling feeling that life, with all its drama and all, is good and wonderful. Psyche Roxas-Mendoza says it best “Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, it’s waves seem to whisper to me: If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and  living need not be so hard.”

 And now, I rest my case.

a new leaf

           Today I decided to write… To share whats inside me. To unload emotions that sometimes I can’t handle. To lessen the angst building up inside. To calm the rage enveloping my whole being.

           Today I decided to write… To communicate the bits and pieces of happiness I stumbled upon my way. To make you feel the shriek of my badly beaten heart when she’s wallowing in euphoria on some good days. To share a chunk of peacefulness I found on those isolated hours. 

             Today I decided to write and prepare a minuscule part of me be vulnerable…