I, tyro

Sitting still. Little movements.
Inscribe. Pen. Jot.
The heart is screaming to do that.
Brain, drowning with words
Gullible, seduced by every thought that forms inside.
And then she settled, actors fashioned to her liking.
Parts given. Storyline laid out open.
Motley emotions in hiding and on display.
Unadorned words echo rawness.
And bottled feelings she may be keeping.
Or just unassured perhaps?
And lacking in style?
Anyhow, persist she does
Inscribing. Penning. Jotting.
Short and sweet, chatty authorship
Yearning to steal some smile.

“If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write.”
~ Somerset Maugham

September (and counting…)

September of last year when I decided to start making blogs here in WordPress. From then on, and with some months that I shy away from my account, inmybatcave is still a work in progress, hehe..

I looked at blogging as a stage where I can do some thinking out loud stuff, share little stories and poems and photos. Honestly, it never occurred to me that I will gain more than a dozen following ‘cause, well, these are just shallow, modest writings that usually pops up in my mind. And I am humbled by all of you taking time out to read me and clicking that star. Gramercy! May it also be known to all of you that I enjoy reading your blogs too. I may not leave a comment of praise (or a piece of opinion, perhaps), but the fun and delight you give me while reading your works never leaves my side.

I know not a lot about the different writing styles, nor I might be able to tell striking stories or stunning photos or exquisite poetry, (you can label me as someone who’s too stubborn to learn the ins and outs of blogging, shame on me, my apology), but I am someone who is always excited and eager to share the plain world I’m in, the unfussy events of my daily existence, the feeling of flatness inside my (green, please) bubble, the craving to dole out some positive vibes to anyone reading me…

One of the things I learned from life is to be appreciative to anyone who shows me kindness. Personally, I love the words “thank you.” It’s something I won’t get tired hearing and something that I often say sincerely. And so, please accept this little thank you (written in my native language) from the little me who write little thingsSalamat! Thank you for the time.

Evolve We Must

I went out to do some errands this morning and while being stuck in traffic, I saw a sign that reads “work in progress”. The road: A work in progress. And so does this blog site of mine, lol… Anyways, me, you, everybody: “Evolving.” Way better to use than the above mentioned phrase, right? I think we all have this invisible tag slapped on our chest or back.

Every waking day, we are evolving. Changing. Growing. We mature to deal with life’s pressures. We get used to life’s mockeries and comes up more determine. We understand that mistakes are always awaiting for us in a corner to get us, and if did get us, we recognized it and we stand up to the costs of our actions. We are bettering ourselves not in a haste, but in the phase we’re comfortable with so as to fully reach our capabilities. We transform, with flaws and weaknesses still intact, into a more sensitive and caring individual the good heaven wants us to be.

We are all evolving. A forever process of life. No matter how many sunsets and sunrises we already saw, every new day is an opportunity to change.

“People evolve and it’s important to not stop evolving just because you’ve reached ‘adulthood.’”
~J. K. Simmons


I like it when it’s raining in the early morning or in the late evening. Those hours are my quiet moments. The pitter-patter sound of the rain is soothing and calming. I enjoy staring at the windows and seeing the spatter of the rain against it, and the curtains swaying in the gentle breeze. It brings back a childhood memory of me and my cousin playing hide and seek at our grandmother’s house. I used to hide behind her thick curtains in the living room, suppressing my giggle when my cousin couldn’t find me.

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain”. ~Author Unknown

I like this quote a lot. Sunshine, we equate it with positive, vibrant energy. We see life in all its colors. Whereas the dark, gloomy color is associated with rain. Sadness creeps inside us. We run for cover so as not  to get wet. But wouldn’t it be nice to try, even for once, to just stand in the rain and feel one of Mother Nature’s activities? Feel the rainwater trickles down on your face. On your body. Let it drench you. Delight in the feeling of vulnerability under the rain, the nostalgia, the romance and all. And on top of those, the feeling of being blest, refreshed and cleansed is what will resonate in the air. It makes us get in touch with the kid inside us. Makes us more humane.

I always welcome the company of rain- the sound it makes on the roof makes my quiet time more special. It muffles the noise of life I encounter every day.


I’d like to meet you
But I’m a bit meek.
I’d like to know you
But I feel blah.
I’d like to listen to what you’ll going say
But I’m in a tizzy.
I’d like to talk to you
But I’m loss for words.
I’d like to laugh with you
But will you stare? Uneasy I will be.
I’d like to have coffee with you
But my world’s small you might get bored.
I’d like to be grand and know it all
But my simple thoughts proclaimed I’m not.

But lemme tell you,
My name’s Terry and I hope you’ll be pleased to meet me.