My hands, Thank you

Thank you for helping me do my thing.
Calloused, veins showing,
Tired of everyday chores.
Rest happen only in sleep and snores.

Twenty seven bones for writing,
Working, and more so for helping.
Giving a hand. Lending a hand.
Hand in hand we go in wonderland.

Our hands boast of perfect abilities.
Power and precision to accomplish greatness.
The left and the right can be a demonstration,
Of care, hatred, anger and compassion.

Thank you, my hands
Thou to both of you too much I demand,
But then again, you never fail me
And let me very ably.

Evolve We Must

I went out to do some errands this morning and while being stuck in traffic, I saw a sign that reads “work in progress”. The road: A work in progress. And so does this blog site of mine, lol… Anyways, me, you, everybody: “Evolving.” Way better to use than the above mentioned phrase, right? I think we all have this invisible tag slapped on our chest or back.

Every waking day, we are evolving. Changing. Growing. We mature to deal with life’s pressures. We get used to life’s mockeries and comes up more determine. We understand that mistakes are always awaiting for us in a corner to get us, and if did get us, we recognized it and we stand up to the costs of our actions. We are bettering ourselves not in a haste, but in the phase we’re comfortable with so as to fully reach our capabilities. We transform, with flaws and weaknesses still intact, into a more sensitive and caring individual the good heaven wants us to be.

We are all evolving. A forever process of life. No matter how many sunsets and sunrises we already saw, every new day is an opportunity to change.

“People evolve and it’s important to not stop evolving just because you’ve reached ‘adulthood.’”
~J. K. Simmons


I’ve been badly bruised many a time

Relationships that promised forever, but didn’t last.

Every failure is exhausting

And left my poor heart cut, sore and bleeding.

But I can’t let anger and pain reign.

And with might and main

I started to love myself anew.

I weed out the bitterness that weighed me down.

I quiet myself to be able to listen more.

I basked in the blessings big and small.

And I forgive most of all.

My heart bears the scars it obtained.

Some will fade, some will never

And every mark is a reminder

That I can  and should repair myself over and over again.

Keep Standing

Life isn’t built with good things alone

Its columns aren’t always sturdy and strong.

Sometimes it will be shaken, tumbled and cracked.

But with faith, optimism and courage intact

You can restore it for sure, better than before.

Just wait for the dust to settle and get ready for the hard work

And when it’s done and put together

Smile and feel proud

Knowing that life can’t easily knocked you down.