Get Over Yourself: Tips on Being Positive.

“Try to make the best of even a bad situation.” I couldn’t agree more đŸ™‚

Live Your Truth

thumb_DSC_0249_1024 This sunflower is always very positive!

Recently I encountered a friend who was so negative and whiney I just wanted to slap her. Literally everything that came out of her mouth was negative, disastrous, hopeless or disappointing. Oh my god, it was so draining and depressing! Her life really was not that bad, but she was choosing to see only the negative side of her situation.

The problem with negative talk is it makes you feel even worse. Continually complaining about life and its nuances is damn right annoying and counterproductive. I personally have no time for negativity.

I was raised to be a very positive, optimistic glass half full kind of thinker. Both my parents were this way too, and regardless of the many adversities they faced in life, they would never complain; they would carry on, pull their socks up and face the brunt of the storm head…

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