My hands, Thank you

Thank you for helping me do my thing.
Calloused, veins showing,
Tired of everyday chores.
Rest happen only in sleep and snores.

Twenty seven bones for writing,
Working, and more so for helping.
Giving a hand. Lending a hand.
Hand in hand we go in wonderland.

Our hands boast of perfect abilities.
Power and precision to accomplish greatness.
The left and the right can be a demonstration,
Of care, hatred, anger and compassion.

Thank you, my hands
Thou to both of you too much I demand,
But then again, you never fail me
And let me very ably.



For quite some time now, I’ve been practicing quiet moments. Just being silent and minding my own thing. No phone calls, no dropping of texts to anyone. Like a machine, I just shut down. And crawl into my own bubble. Sounds crazy and weird, I know. But that’s me. Good friends of mine who knew me so well understand this side of my character. Sometimes, I don’t let myself be “accessible” for a week or two. I’m thinking, maybe there’s something wrong with me. And my good friends will say “yes” in chorus, Hahaha…

As a believer of quiet time alone, I like turning my back for a while from all these social media stuff and texting world and just breathe basics. And it feels very good! Several things I noticed and experienced give me big smiles on my face. And these are, not in a particular order, what makes up my list:
Creativity– being quiet lets my modest imagination comes out. No, I don’t do Picasso or Van Gogh. I finger paint or I write poems or take pictures with my camera phone.
Appreciation– when I am silent, I think I tend to be more sensitive to what I am seeing, feeling, hearing. Thus, appreciating things that come my way, be it life’s bloopers or tiny blessings, is second nature to me.
Knowing myself better– when I quiet myself, I’m able to listen to what’s inside me. For lack of a proper word to use, I “talk” to myself. Sounds ridiculously funny, I know. But it gives me a clear idea of my capacities, inadequacies and everything I need to understand about myself while I am in the process of growing, changing day after day.
Relaxedness– a serene feeling gives me this kind of comfort. I wanted to believe that even in such a tiring and stressful situation I am in, I don’t find it hard to loosen up and calm myself.
Considerate– I am not saying that I am a hundred percent sympathetic all the time. But those quiet moments taught me to work on this virtue every day. I learned to watch my words when talking to somebody, to be polite to those around me and to be conscientious in and out of our tiny home.

There are maybe more things that you can add up to my list… but if there’s one huge thing that makes my quiet time weighty, it is the of opportunity of being alone with the big guy up there: those moments of simple conversation, complaining the when’s and why’s of life, whispering grateful praises… Smiley here.

Get Over Yourself: Tips on Being Positive.

“Try to make the best of even a bad situation.” I couldn’t agree more 🙂

Live Your Truth

thumb_DSC_0249_1024 This sunflower is always very positive!

Recently I encountered a friend who was so negative and whiney I just wanted to slap her. Literally everything that came out of her mouth was negative, disastrous, hopeless or disappointing. Oh my god, it was so draining and depressing! Her life really was not that bad, but she was choosing to see only the negative side of her situation.

The problem with negative talk is it makes you feel even worse. Continually complaining about life and its nuances is damn right annoying and counterproductive. I personally have no time for negativity.

I was raised to be a very positive, optimistic glass half full kind of thinker. Both my parents were this way too, and regardless of the many adversities they faced in life, they would never complain; they would carry on, pull their socks up and face the brunt of the storm head…

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I, tyro

Sitting still. Little movements.
Inscribe. Pen. Jot.
The heart is screaming to do that.
Brain, drowning with words
Gullible, seduced by every thought that forms inside.
And then she settled, actors fashioned to her liking.
Parts given. Storyline laid out open.
Motley emotions in hiding and on display.
Unadorned words echo rawness.
And bottled feelings she may be keeping.
Or just unassured perhaps?
And lacking in style?
Anyhow, persist she does
Inscribing. Penning. Jotting.
Short and sweet, chatty authorship
Yearning to steal some smile.

“If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write.”
~ Somerset Maugham

September (and counting…)

September of last year when I decided to start making blogs here in WordPress. From then on, and with some months that I shy away from my account, inmybatcave is still a work in progress, hehe..

I looked at blogging as a stage where I can do some thinking out loud stuff, share little stories and poems and photos. Honestly, it never occurred to me that I will gain more than a dozen following ‘cause, well, these are just shallow, modest writings that usually pops up in my mind. And I am humbled by all of you taking time out to read me and clicking that star. Gramercy! May it also be known to all of you that I enjoy reading your blogs too. I may not leave a comment of praise (or a piece of opinion, perhaps), but the fun and delight you give me while reading your works never leaves my side.

I know not a lot about the different writing styles, nor I might be able to tell striking stories or stunning photos or exquisite poetry, (you can label me as someone who’s too stubborn to learn the ins and outs of blogging, shame on me, my apology), but I am someone who is always excited and eager to share the plain world I’m in, the unfussy events of my daily existence, the feeling of flatness inside my (green, please) bubble, the craving to dole out some positive vibes to anyone reading me…

One of the things I learned from life is to be appreciative to anyone who shows me kindness. Personally, I love the words “thank you.” It’s something I won’t get tired hearing and something that I often say sincerely. And so, please accept this little thank you (written in my native language) from the little me who write little thingsSalamat! Thank you for the time.