Evolve We Must

I went out to do some errands this morning and while being stuck in traffic, I saw a sign that reads “work in progress”. The road: A work in progress. And so does this blog site of mine, lol… Anyways, me, you, everybody: “Evolving.” Way better to use than the above mentioned phrase, right? I think we all have this invisible tag slapped on our chest or back.

Every waking day, we are evolving. Changing. Growing. We mature to deal with life’s pressures. We get used to life’s mockeries and comes up more determine. We understand that mistakes are always awaiting for us in a corner to get us, and if did get us, we recognized it and we stand up to the costs of our actions. We are bettering ourselves not in a haste, but in the phase we’re comfortable with so as to fully reach our capabilities. We transform, with flaws and weaknesses still intact, into a more sensitive and caring individual the good heaven wants us to be.

We are all evolving. A forever process of life. No matter how many sunsets and sunrises we already saw, every new day is an opportunity to change.

“People evolve and it’s important to not stop evolving just because you’ve reached ‘adulthood.’”
~J. K. Simmons

10 thoughts on “Evolve We Must

  1. There is an essential difference between work in progress and evolving, greengia; while the former is indicative of a deadline driven, short duration event, the latter denotes movement to a higher state of refinement over a longer time spans. Thus we are all works in progress on the evolutionary scale…best wishes to you, and thanks to Danny’s reblog, enabling my connect with you… Raj.

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