Evolve We Must

I went out to do some errands this morning and while being stuck in traffic, I saw a sign that reads “work in progress”. The road: A work in progress. And so does this blog site of mine, lol… Anyways, me, you, everybody: “Evolving.” Way better to use than the above mentioned phrase, right? I think we all have this invisible tag slapped on our chest or back.

Every waking day, we are evolving. Changing. Growing. We mature to deal with life’s pressures. We get used to life’s mockeries and comes up more determine. We understand that mistakes are always awaiting for us in a corner to get us, and if did get us, we recognized it and we stand up to the costs of our actions. We are bettering ourselves not in a haste, but in the phase we’re comfortable with so as to fully reach our capabilities. We transform, with flaws and weaknesses still intact, into a more sensitive and caring individual the good heaven wants us to be.

We are all evolving. A forever process of life. No matter how many sunsets and sunrises we already saw, every new day is an opportunity to change.

“People evolve and it’s important to not stop evolving just because you’ve reached ‘adulthood.’”
~J. K. Simmons


I like it when it’s raining in the early morning or in the late evening. Those hours are my quiet moments. The pitter-patter sound of the rain is soothing and calming. I enjoy staring at the windows and seeing the spatter of the rain against it, and the curtains swaying in the gentle breeze. It brings back a childhood memory of me and my cousin playing hide and seek at our grandmother’s house. I used to hide behind her thick curtains in the living room, suppressing my giggle when my cousin couldn’t find me.

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain”. ~Author Unknown

I like this quote a lot. Sunshine, we equate it with positive, vibrant energy. We see life in all its colors. Whereas the dark, gloomy color is associated with rain. Sadness creeps inside us. We run for cover so as not  to get wet. But wouldn’t it be nice to try, even for once, to just stand in the rain and feel one of Mother Nature’s activities? Feel the rainwater trickles down on your face. On your body. Let it drench you. Delight in the feeling of vulnerability under the rain, the nostalgia, the romance and all. And on top of those, the feeling of being blest, refreshed and cleansed is what will resonate in the air. It makes us get in touch with the kid inside us. Makes us more humane.

I always welcome the company of rain- the sound it makes on the roof makes my quiet time more special. It muffles the noise of life I encounter every day.


I’d like to meet you
But I’m a bit meek.
I’d like to know you
But I feel blah.
I’d like to listen to what you’ll going say
But I’m in a tizzy.
I’d like to talk to you
But I’m loss for words.
I’d like to laugh with you
But will you stare? Uneasy I will be.
I’d like to have coffee with you
But my world’s small you might get bored.
I’d like to be grand and know it all
But my simple thoughts proclaimed I’m not.

But lemme tell you,
My name’s Terry and I hope you’ll be pleased to meet me.

A bit of YOLO

I received an email from a friend this morning and she wrote “YOLO! Smile!” on the last part of her letter. It did make me smile. “You only live once.” Wiki says it’s similar to “carpe diem.” For some people, YOLO means being reckless, unapologetic. An excuse when doing something wrong. Being stupid that leads to self-destruction. While for some, I included, this acronym connotes with the positive ideas about life. And every one of us had that YOLO moment or moments written on a page of our existence. That moment of zest, appreciation of life, enthusiasm. The courage to achieve anything exciting and gutsy and at the same time respecting life and living it well. 

My YOLO moments  are not  the extreme types of stuff. I think mine is between crazy, spur of the moment ideas and with just a little bit of YOLO attitude. Before my close friend move to CA, we decided to go somewhere – to a place where my pointing finger landed on the map she’s holding. North! And so, we packed our bags and off we go; excitement filled us up. The 8 hour bus ride never lessens the excitement we have. It even doubled when we reached our destination. I gave a loving, delightful glance at the sea before going inside the inn to rest. The moon seems to offer a lullaby to the tired body and soul. Come morning, I noticed how the sun shines brightly and the salty air has that appeal to the senses. Goodness! I must be getting really old  to be remarking like this, lol… The surfers we saw on the beach must be having their YOLO moment every time they ride the waves. Wow! My mind yells in respect and envy, haha!… My friend and I had a blast discovering the locality and in one way or another, discovering something about ourselves too. I love DIY trips like that! I remember a summer vacation with another friend of mine wherein we walked to the other side of the 33.07 square kilometer island to frolic on the unspoiled beach. Don’t get me wrong.. Of course I love traveling with my family. My DIY trips with a friend or two and the trips with family are both fun. The only difference is that family trips are well planned while the other is spontaneous – tests your patience and your flexibility.

Aside from those DIY trips, I put wall climbing under the tab of my little bit of YOLO moment. No one in my family and circle of friends believed when I bragged that I went wall climbing. They know how clumsy and panicky I can get, lol…. My heart and mind are screaming the first time I did this. But it taught me a lot – from the physical benefits to the emotional betterment that is to be calm, to push myself and persevere, to listen to myself. I’d do wall climbing again soon. Insert smiley here,hehe…

“We only live once.” “We only have one shot at life.” People say that often. If we want to do something – planned or in random- then go ahead and do it. Just remember, getting an  affirmative result afterwards is the best YOLO experience you should have. 

a saturday


I’ve been badly bruised many a time

Relationships that promised forever, but didn’t last.

Every failure is exhausting

And left my poor heart cut, sore and bleeding.

But I can’t let anger and pain reign.

And with might and main

I started to love myself anew.

I weed out the bitterness that weighed me down.

I quiet myself to be able to listen more.

I basked in the blessings big and small.

And I forgive most of all.

My heart bears the scars it obtained.

Some will fade, some will never

And every mark is a reminder

That I can  and should repair myself over and over again.