(almost) Glam

I often wondered what it feels like

To have a closet full of such names

A Prada, an LV, a Gucci, an Hermes

Not to forget the pairs that lines up and persuades.

The Manolo, the Choo, Alexander and Miu Miu

Oh! What a wonderful closet to view!


And I would stare at these luxuries happy and gay

But then… ting! I’m snapping back to life

I’ve a closet alright, but no sight of those delights

Hmm.. I would sigh but smile and still feel nice.


I would buy my latte wearing not a Miu Miu but my worn out shoes

And walk my way carrying not an Hermes but my old tote that’s so overused.

As I sip my morning caffeine, I would utter a little prayer

Thanking God for the small things that stitches smile on my face

I may not have one or two of those stuff

But hey, I’m alive and that’s a thumbs up!

Life and Weaving

My mother who is a retiree is into weaving now. She’s making welcome mats or doormats. She says that it keeps her busy and keeps her sane. She uses remnant fabrics which she first meticulously cut into strips, then knot and weave afterwards. I noticed three things when she’s doing that – she’s calm, she’s focused and her creativity guides her. I love how she combines colors – light and dark, monochrome and multicolored. I love how her finished creations look like – colorful, firm and ready to greet the visitors that shall drop by our house.


Our life is parallel to a tapestry. Each of us is represented by a thread of different colors, woven into one another by the Great Weaver. Every thread is important. Every color complements one another. Every strand adds up to the strength of the tapestry. No one is indispensable to the Great Weaver.


In our own personal life, there are times when our thread rips apart because of the burdens and struggles that we face. We feel useless and alone. Torn. But during those times, if we only choose to look with a heart full of faith we will be able to see the tapestry of life entirely. It may take a while to comprehend things, but in doing so, our thread is slowly being repaired and woven again. Repaired and woven constantly.




“All that writers can do is keep trying to say what is deepest in their hearts”. Lloyd Alexander

I am not a writer. I am simply an insignificant individual who happens to love writing stuff, penning poems, playing with words. In writing, you get to share your sentiments, you can tell your pent-up emotions in a subtle way, you can create a world with all sorts of characters in it that you like and detest.


When I was little, I would always look at the night sky and wonder how many stars are up there. Or in what part of heaven does the good Lord resides. After an hour or so of staring the great black sky, I would open my imaginary notebook and write some poems using my imaginary pencil. That was, to me, a happy good night.


When I reached my adulthood, I still can’t get rid of that pastime. I would still find time to look at the night sky and this time, plan slash think slash desire slash totting up what happened to me the whole day. And unlike before when I was little and using my imaginary things, this time I have my phone with me, typing things that I deemed important to my next 24 hours.


Sometimes, I wanted to write those crazy thoughts that pass by in my head… Like, how badly do I like to smash the car of an ex. Or how I wanted to be meanly bad to an associate who keeps invading my private life. Or the sexy-and-not-so-proper-thoughts I have on that guitar player I saw in the bar. Random, crazy thoughts like that.


I am not keen on writing weighty topics… well, maybe because I’m thinking I’m not worthy to do so (weird I). Or maybe because I’m afraid to say a handful of politically incorrect things (scaredy-cat me). Or maybe because I know there are a whole lot of cerebral people out there screaming their bright minds out in every corner of the World Wide Web (I envy this bunch!). And so, the always plain, sometimes subnormal but ever optimistic me, would rather write simple stuff that fills my bubble. I am not expecting that my blogs will accord you a big positive vibe or make you smile, but I will be pleased if it does.


Faith is defined as a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny. It is synonymous with the word religion, religious belief.

Every one of us carries a bag of faith in our hearts. It just differs from one person to another- he may be carrying a medium size of it, she may be loaded with it, and I may be holding a little of it. Nowadays, people are so outspoken about their faith. In various social network sites, a great deal of quotes and photos are posted every time . I think, it’s a very good reminder of the faith we should have in our life.

But, I would be very honest to say, are all these people carry a bagful of faith? Wow, if they really do! And without meaning to be bad, I am wishing to be like them…

I believe in the God that my family respect and worship. I am born as a catholic and I’ll say I will stand by that. Catholicism taught you that Sunday is the time for holy mass. We should hear holy mass on that day. No, I go to church Wednesday or Thursday. Maybe, you will ask why on that day? Well, that’s the day I want to visit His house. Too shallow for a reason? Yes, I wont argue. I love spending my Wednesday or Thursday in the warmth of the church. Also, I’m not used to praying with my eyes close. I want to look at the Black Nazarene and whisper my intentions, my wishes, and my prayers. It’s more like talking to Him, like He’s just there standing in front of me, listening, maybe sometimes nodding his head or knitting his eyebrows about my nonsense prayers and all. I will not take it against you if you’re gonna say that I really need a lot of growing up to do when talking about faith. Yes, I know I do. And I’m trying to know and understand my faith every waking day of my life…

I need to understand that there’s a proper time for everything. That it should be “thy will be done”. Not in the time that I want it. That God makes the perfect timing and gives our heart’s desires in the happiest moment destined for us. Yes, I need to understand the time for everything. I need to understand that there are times He let me failed on my decisions, and maybe jokingly tells me “boo, that was bad!”. But, He’s always ready to pick me up and dust me off and hold my hand and says “listen to me and trust me on this, this is what you should do….” Yes, I need to fully trust His guidance and wisdom. A lot. There’s a lot of things I need to really understand, using my mind, and more by using my heart.

I know I will fall short when it’s about faith. I honestly admit that one more time. But as I have said, I will never get tired learning and understanding and trying to live with it every day of my life. Faith. Five letters, yet so profound.