That’s me. I’m not a loner type though, but I enjoy being alone at certain moments in my life.

                    Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I prefer to be alone. I don’t text, make phone calls or go online. I just sulk in one corner of my room and look out of the window, trying to calm my thoughts by watching the clouds. I love that. I love the idea of “me time”. It soothes me. It makes me see the world in a different perspective. It gives me happy thoughts. 

                    I know coffee is best enjoyed with good friend/s. But, there are times I want my coffee hour all by myself. The reason why I like those hole in the wall coffee shops is that it only seats around 12-14 customers. Cozy. Small. Intimate. It’s a great come on for me. I found this modest coffee shop in Malate, so little that you would hardly notice it when you’re passing by. What entices me to try it, aside from the Cordillera coffee they’re bragging about, is it’s ambiance. Very casual. very simple. And not crowded. So, there I was enjoying my coffee with three other goodies that I ordered. Heaven! Time alone. No bossy boss. No annoying frenemies. No stress-out things to remember. My shallow brain makes me want to scream “I love life!” Hehe…

                     Rappelling is another thing that gives me my own time. The higher the wall, the better, lol… Not wanting to sound egotistical, but when I’m up there and started to descend, my brains started to clear out, my emotions tend to be still and I just enjoy the moment of going down. It’s fun! I’m hoping to be able to learn indoor bouldering too soon.

                    I have this weird thing about elevators. If I can have it all by myself, very well! I like being inside of it alone, especially if the elevator has full mirrors on its wall. Gives me time to check my hair, lipstick, shoes 🙂  Wondering if I already got stuck inside the elevator? Yes, I think three or four times already. For the three-time, I’m with two other passengers. But the other one, I’m all alone. It’s kinda scary but it’s not worse compared to being stuck in traffic. Really. Haha! Anyway, I sang the alphabet to keep me happy while waiting for the lift to be functional again. Crazy! 🙂

                No matter how simple my room is, I like spending my solitary time there. It’s my bat cave, my mental room, my own planet. The place I always feel safe and lucid.

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