hair moment

I’ve always been biased to short, short haircuts. I find this hairstyle sexy and fun. And no to forget that it buys you time every morning.

I’ve had pixie cut, twiggy, short bob, semi-Mohawk. I did grow my hair once, eight years ago. But after a year, I had it cut again to a pixie. And wow, my hair breathes, aha-ha… That’s when I decided I’ll just stick with short hair. 

Every time I’m in a bad situation, I call on Francis, my barber/hair cutter and dash to his salon, and for thirty minutes or so, he’s my best buddy clipping away the bad mood in me. I actually see him once a month to do my hair. Or twice if the need arises, lols… I love the sounds of the scissors, the humming of the electric razor and the heat of the blower. Good! it takes away the sadness!

I’m used to be asked about having a very short hair. But once in a while, there are still those people who are nosy about my hair style and it irritates me a lot. Sigh.. ‘tell you, I can shave my hair and still be my old, jolly, funny self.

Years from now, my hair will be gray and white. And I know I will still take pleasure in having it cut short. I just hope Francis is still around, he-he… I’m just kidding! Me bad!